Looking for a small CPAP that is reliable for traveling?

Looking for a small CPAP that is reliable for traveling?

Looking for a small CPAP that is reliable for traveling? Need something that is long lasting, provides quiet therapy and is light for portability? Well, We may have the answer! 

After 2 years of backlog and no production in Canada for the AirMinis, they are finally starting to manufacture the top of the line travel CPAP due to chip shortage and supply chain issues being resolved. 



The ResMed AirMini is the smallest portable CPAP on the market today. The AirMini includes three therapy modes: CPAP, Autoset™ (APAP) and Autoset for Her (fAPAP). The AirMini is designed to work with the AirFit P10 for AirMini,  AirFit N30 for AirMini, AirFit N20, AirTouch N20, Airfit F20 and AirFit F30. Whilst the AirMini is compatible with 5 of their top of the class CPAP masks, humidification is available with 4 of the 5 CPAP masks, excluding the F30 Freedom Full Face Mask. 


The AirMini is easily transportable in a basic drawstring carry bag but if you feel bougie enough, you also have the option of traveling with the premium travel bag


What does the AirMini come with? 

The AirMini system includes: 

  • AirMini machine, power supply unit and drawstring carry bag

And one of the following:

  • AirMini Setup Pack: Air Tubing, Connector for Mask (P10, N20, F20 or F30) and HumidX or HumidX Plus (P10 and N20 only)
    • Please note F20 connector can be used for the F30 mask with the AirMini

Where is the humidifier for the AirMini? Does it have a heated hose? How does the machine deliver moisture without water? So many questions! 

The AirMini uses a waterless humidification system that delivers the comfort of humidity without having to carry distilled water with you on your travels. It provides humidification anywhere you go and does not require a heated tube to prevent condensation! Traveling to the tropics where humidity is high? The AirMini may be the perfect match. 

It is a trial and error approach to deciding which level of humidity will work best for you in each situation. It is always best to start with the HumidX filter and if the moisture is not sufficient for you to progress to the Humid Plus filter. As a significant amount of moisture goes through the filter they must be changed every 30 days from opening the package.

How comfortable is the AirMini? Does it have all the bells and whistles that the ResMed S10 and S11 do?

In short, Yes! The Airmini is an exceptional device allowing for 3 modes of therapy and all comfort features that come with the AirSense S10 and AirSense S11. 

The AirMini has the following comfort features:

  • Ramp Time: designed to make the start of your therapy more comfortable. Ramp time starts your therapy off at a lower pressure and gradually increases to the pressure prescribed by your doctor.
  • SmartStart: when SmartStart is turned on, the therapy begins automatically when you breathe into your mask.
  • SmartStop: when SmartStart is turned on, the therapy stops automatically after a few seconds once you remove your mask. 
  • Expired Pressure Relief: designed to make therapy more comfortable, EPR (Expired Pressure Relief) reduces the delivered mask pressure during exhalation

The ResMed AirMini APP 

The comfort features are set by your provider based on your needs, but you may find you would like to make small adjustments to make your therapy more comfortable. The AirMini app Patient eHelp section  has more information.



Ever travelled light with a CPAP? Well, the 5 lbs AirMini is a great CPAP set up for traveling. All that is needed are the wall plugs to where your final destination is as the AirMini si compatible with 110V and 220V.



We never like hiccups at airports, train stations or bus terminals. So it’s important when traveling to obtain any travel requirements and restrictions. For most but not all airlines, medical devices do not count towards carry-on luggage limits (CPAP machins, Insulin pumps, Etc). It is a good idea to to always travel with the RX from your physician for your CPAP therapy. Is where you are going familiar with CPAP therapy? If not, or if something happens to your CPAP machine/accessories, it is best to always keep a copy on hand. 

Sleeping on a red-eye flight? The AirMini can be used on an aircraft as it meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. If you require a letter attesting to this information, one can be downloaded from ResMed.com

When on an aircraft it is important to place your unit in airplane mode. To get your AirMini into airplane mode: 

  • When connected to power, disable Bluetooth (enter airplane mode) by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for at least ten seconds until the indicator light is white. 
  • Do not use the AirMini app
  • Use the Start/Stop button on your machine to start therapy
  • To reconnect Bluetooth (exit airplane mode), press the Bluetooth button.

The AirMini does not have an internal or external battery, it must be plugged into a power source to operate. The AirMini DC/DC converter 65W allows you to operate your AirMini from a 12V or 24V DC power source (a“cigarette lighter” style socket).

The coverage for an AirMini varies by insurance provider but generally is not covered as a stand alone item. However it is always best to contact your health care provider to see how they can help you with claiming for the AirMini and Accessories. There are often ways of getting the most bang for your buck and actually have coverage towards the AirMini CPAP coverage.


MSC Team 

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