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Dexcom G7 All-in-one sensor

Dexcom G7 All-in-one sensor

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With a new all-in-one sensor, Dexcom G7 can be easily inserted with one push. After a 30-minute warm up – the shortest of any CGM – people will be able to view real-time glucose data on a compatible smart device or receiver. Plus, with a new 12-hour grace period, they can change their sensor when it’s more convenient


Dexcom G7 Sensor
All-in-One Sensor

All-in-one sensor monitors interstitial glucose levels through a small wire inserted just underneath the skin, and sends glucose readings up to every 5 minutes wirelessly via Bluetooth to the wearer's display device
(Length of sensor wear: 10 days + 12-hour grace period)



Dexcom G7
Display Device

Allows people to view their real-time glucose data and trends, receive alerts and alarms, and other notifications on their compatible smart device or receiver.


24-hour automatic data backfill - no scanning icon

24-Hour Backfill for
Missed Sensor Readings

Sometimes, you’re not always within range of your phone. The new backfill features keeps your data stored so it’s not lost while you’re away from your phone.


Dexcom Warrior wearing the smaller Dexcom G7

60% Smaller than G6

The new, discreet sensor is our smallest, most comfortable yet. It’s small size and multiple wear locations make it easy to forget you’re even wearing it.


30-minute warm-up icon

30-Minute Warmup
& Auto-Start

Dexcom G7 warms up 2x faster than any other CGM system. From the moment you click the applicator, your sensor begins warming up.

Compatibility :

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