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Atto Flight Kit

Atto Flight Kit

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ATTO Flight Kit is a protective cover, designed to safeguard ATTO from major breakage when traveling and to provide everyday protection from minor damages.

A unique, super protective cover, designed primarily to safeguard ATTO from major breakage incurred by baggage handlers when traveling, but also to provide great everyday protection from minor damages even when just stowed at home. The cover is always on hand when needed, as it folds up to carry comfortably on the backrest while driving, and when installed it facilitates wheel-along transportation in trolley mode.

  • Safeguard from major breakage as well as minor damages
  • Fits behind the backrest to transport when in driving mode
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Stays on in wheel-along trolley mode
  • Bonus rear safety reflectors when attached to backrest in driving mode
  • Doubles as great storage protection at home
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 38cm x 13cm / 19.69” x 14.96” x 5.12”
  • Weight: 1.49 Kg / 3.28 lbs
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