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BOA Wrist Brace

BOA Wrist Brace

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The BOA Wrist Brace is an effective wrist brace that provides firm support splint due to its anatomical and conformable stay. The brace come equipped with a quick lacing system that ensures easy and uniform tightening. The BOA optimizes comfort by utilizing ventilated fabric and inner foam linings. The brace is universal and can be used for the right or left hand.

• Mild wrist sprains (functional treatment)
• Tendinitis and tendon injuries of the wrist

Care hints
• See product label.
• Remove the stay before washing.
• Do not use detergents, fabric softeners or aggressive products (products containing chlorine).
• Squeeze out excess water.
• Dry away from heat sources.

• Size 1: 13 - 17 cm (5.0 - 6.75")
• Size 2: 17 - 23 cm (7.5 - 9.0").

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