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Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster

Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster

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The Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster is specially engineered wrist brace that uses counterforce effects to help relieve ulnar wrist pain. This brace is specifically curated for users experiencing mid carpal instability and ulnar sided wrist pain. 

The Ulnar booster is biomechanically supportive of the wrist and helps users by realigning and stabilizing carpal bones while depressing the ulnar styloid. With support straps combined with foam boosting inserts, the ulnar carpus is supported while the ulnar head continues to be depressed. This counterforce effect is helpful for conditions such as TFCC pathology, persistent ulnar sided wrist pain after wrist fracture, midcarpal instability, and ECU tendonitis.

Made of 1/16" (2 mm) perforated neoprene with terry liner to keep skin cool and comfortable. Can be trimmed with scissors for a more personalized fit.


To size, measure wrist circumference. 

    • X-Small 4" to 5" (10 to 13 cm)
    • Small 5" to 6-1/4" (13 to 16 cm)
    • Medium 6-1/4" to 7-1/4" (16 to 18 cm)
    • Large 7-1/4" to 8-1/2" (18 to 22 cm)
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