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The Covidien / Kendall Kangaroo™ 924 enteral feeding pump is a small, robust, light weight pump that features pre-set volume and overflow infusion safeguards to ensure the correct and consistent delivery of nutrition. The easy-to-use controls make set-up and operation of this unit easy and intuitive. The 924 Enteral Feeding pump is used exclusively with the Kangaroo™ 924 pump sets. When ease of use, accuracy and dependability matter, the Kangaroo™ 924 enteral feeding pump delivers it all:

The 924 Enteral Feeding pump features easy-to-use controls, which makes set-up and operation intuitive. It also features preset volume and over-infusion safeguards, ensuring correct, consistent delivery of nutrition.

The pump features six different audible and visual function alarms, which reinforces clinician confidence and aids in patient safety.

A highly visible LED display reads easily in low light.

Built-in pole clamp and power cord aids in ease of use.

An optical sensor confirms proper feed set placement. This unique feature provides for safeguards against improper placement and increased patient safety.

Intuitive Interface and visible programming options allow for quick understanding of the Pump features and to help reduce potential programming errors.

Easy to use dial controls permits quick and easy programming.

Operating Range in Individual (one mL) Increments allows for quick, easy and exact programming of feed rate (1 to 300 mL/hour) and VTBD (1 to 2000 mL).

16 Hour Battery Life permits extended function and power ability (based on 125 mL/hour feed rate)  The battery will charge when the AC Adapter is plugged into an outlet. Total time to charge the 924 pump is approximately 8 hours. Battery life is determined based on 125mls per hour feed rate.

Memory maintains flow rate settings for up to 16 hours (battery operation) or 24 hours (AC connected). This allows for simplified use and minimizes potential for errors in provider programming. When powered on, the pump automatically reverts back to previous settings within this time range


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