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CS/12 RESOURCE® THICKENUP® CLEAR, 12 x 4.4 oz canister

CS/12 RESOURCE® THICKENUP® CLEAR, 12 x 4.4 oz canister

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ThickenUp® Clear is a xanthan gum-based powdered thickener for those who require texture modified diets. It easily mixes into most beverages and foods, and remains tasteless, odourless, clear, and lump free.



  • Suitable for use with the IDDSI framework (International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative)
  • Easy to prepare. Thickens and stabilizes rapidly
  • Gluten-free, kosher, 4 calories per scoop
  • This product is suitable for individuals over 3 years old
  • Suitable for preparing texture modified beverages and foods

This product is only suitable for individuals greater than 3 years old.

Nestlé Health Science recommends using Resource® ThickenUp® Clear powder in the canister within two months of opening.

To maintain product quality, ship and store unopened package at room temperature (max. 25°C).

Once opened, store in a cool, dry place.

Follow sanitary techniques for preparation, which includes having clean, appropriate work areas, adequate hand washing and clean equipment during preparation and use.

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