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Daily Therapy Foot Wash | 150mL bottle

Daily Therapy Foot Wash | 150mL bottle

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Daily Theraphy Foot Wash is doctor recommended and is a 100% purely natural formula with essential oils. It is specially formulated for persons living with diabetes. 

PediaFix Diabetic Defense Daily Therapy Foot Wash keeps feet clean, increases circulation, and moisturizes the skin. Made with all natural plant-based extracts. 

Instructions for use:

Wash feet daily with Daily Therapy Foot Wash in the shower, bath, or soaking tub. Use warm water, not hot. Dry skin completely between and around toes. 

Care tip:

Check your feet daily for wounds, corns, and calluses. Moisturize feet daily


  • Tea tree oil which is antifungal
  • Ginger which stimulates circulation
  • Shea butter with vitamins A, E, & F which moisturizes

5.1 fl oz / 150mL 

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