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FitterFirst 8ft Slide board

FitterFirst 8ft Slide board

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The ultimate off-ice training tool

The Fitterfirst 8ft Slide Board has been a preferred dry-land training tool for hockey players, and speed and figure skaters for years. This versatile off-ice training tool is used for conditioning, maintenance, or to cross-train, accurately re-creating the effects of skating. Also great for injury rehabilitation and prevention, core exercises and upper body strengthening.

  • Adjustable to 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, & 8ft wide skate areas
  • Made of stiff hockey board so won't bend or curl during use
  • Includes bumper kit, booties & starter bottle of ArmorAll

The Fitterfirst 8ft Slide Board enables specialized, year-round training to winter-sport athletes


  • Develop strength, power & endurance
  • Improve balance, agility, speed & flexibility
  • Great for injury rehabilitation & prevention
  • Adjustable to 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, & 8ft widths
  • Made of durable hockey board so won't bend or curl during use
  • Includes non-slip base with bumper kit, booties, & starter bottle of ArmorAll
  • Made in Canada
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