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BRAEBON Medical Corporation

OrthoFresh Dental Appliance Cleaner

OrthoFresh Dental Appliance Cleaner

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OrthoFresh® is a specially-formulated, mint flavored, cold water cleaner and has been recommended by dental professionals for decades to economically, safely, and quickly clean all types of dental appliances including:

• Dentures – full or partial

• Mouth Guards – night or sport

• Orthodontic Appliances

• Retainers

• Sleep Apnea Appliances

• Splints

Dental Hygienists across the country use Ortho Fresh to clean partials while performing routine cleanings. Hygienists also recommend Ortho Fresh to orthodontic patients, to clean their retainers and splints. Patients love the clean minty Ortho Fresh® flavor!

Some oral appliances can be damaged or distorted when they are cleaned or soaked in warm or hot water. Ortho Fresh is specifically formulated to clean ALL oral appliances.


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