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Vari-Grip Hand Exerciser

Vari-Grip Hand Exerciser

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The Vari-Grip Hand Exerciser is ergonomically designed with patented variable tension technology allowing you to customize a rehabilitation program for your patients, and gives a smoother transition between resistance levels. The individual tension adjusters monitor both baseline and progression for each digit. Padded finger buttons and extra wide base that disperses pressure gives maximum patient comfort.

The VariGrip can be used for the following conditions:
Arthritis & Osteoporosis
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Tennis, Golf, and/or Pitcher’s Elbow
- Repetitive Stress or Repetitive Motion Injuries
- Pre-and-Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
- Neuropathy & Stroke Rehabilitation
- Circulatory Concerns & Diabetes
- Fracture, Dislocation, Sprains
- Lymphadenopathy & Mastectomy
- Miscellaneous Finger/Thumb/Wrist/Forearm Issues

Resistance Levels:

OC-2410-01 Extra light    1.5 to 3lbs
OC-2410-02 Light 3 to 5lbs
OC-2410-03 Medium 5 to 7lbs
OC-2410-04 Heavy 7 to 9lbs
OC-2410-05 Extra heavy 9 to 12lbs
OC-2410-S7 Includes all 5 VariGrip + 2 VariGrip Uno
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